Email Marketing Turnoffs for New Customers

Email marketing is the leading platform to attract the readers and ensure a long term relationship. Without email, reaching to potential clients is almost impossible because more than 90% of the customers today read their inbox on a daily basis. However, marketers find it extremely difficult to attract new customers, especially with the stiff competition in the market. As a marketer, you need to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are catered towards the requirement of the target audience. Focus on avoiding these turnoffs to build a strong email marketing list.


Broken links

Your first impression is essential in building a strong relationship and if your readers have a formatting issue or broken links, they are likely to turn away from the email marketing campaign. Double check your email marketing template before sending the messages to the target audience. Ensure that all the hyperlinks and links are directed towards the intended source otherwise the readers will filter your messages as spam. Check the phone number and name before sending the messages to your target audience.

Lack of valuable content

The worst possible thing is sending self-promotion messages to the new customers. Most customers hate receiving email messages filled with promotional content, constantly urging the readers to make a purchase. Therefore, focus on sharing content, videos, articles and newsletters that will add value to your readers. Poor quality content is one of the major factors of a customer leaving your email marketing campaign. Deliver value to stay connected with your target audience.

Overdoing the campaign

Your business may be your heartbeat and lifeline, but for a majority of customers, it is equal to thousands of other businesses. Never send messages every now and then because a purposeless message either goes unread or reaches the spam folder. Therefore, send messages only when it has a direct impact on your customers and it provides some useful information. Irrelevant and meaningless messages can reduce your open rate and increase the spam rate.

Focus on enticing new customers by offering good quality content and irresistible offers.