Email Marketing Tricks you Need to Follow

Today, companies across the globe have learnt the umpteen benefits of email marketing and they are aware of the success rate of this form of marketing. In order to attract customers, companies send welcome emails, promotional offers and discounts to the customers. Email marketing gives you the desired platform, wherein you can build long term customer relationship and ensure customers stay engaged for a long period of time. The ROI and the reach of email marketing is by far the best in all the marketing forms. You have a golden chance of creating a loyal database and the following tricks will help you achieve the desired marketing goal in no time.


Number of emails

Time and again marketers debate upon the frequency of the newsletters and mails, which should be triggered to the customers. Many believe that the number of mails, does not affect the email marketing campaign in any way, but it is not true. According to a survey conducted, more than 80% of the customer wants to see than 2 mails per week from a company. If you really care of the requirements of the customer, you need to create captivating campaigns because you are willingly allowed in the inbox of the customer only for two times every week. Nobody is going to stop you from sending more newsletters to the customer, but if you do so, you are actually inviting trouble for the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, before triggering anything to the intended audience, think twice.

Time of the email

The time at which an email should be triggered is as important as the frequency of the emails, but it is often overlooked by the customers. An ill-timed email knocking on the door of the customer will only irritate the customer. Just like you have a specific time of sleeping, eating and going to work, the same way, there is a time when emails are read by the customers. If you fire emails before or after that time, the newsletters will never be read. Based on the product or service you offer, you need to conduct a survey and send timely mails to the customers.