Email Marketing Trends to Watch

Beginning of March is the ideal time to modify your business goals and decide upon the steps you take to achieve your goals. Whether you are starting a new business or revitalizing the old one, email marketing will help you under both scenarios. Today, email is enjoying benefits from every sector and marketers prefer is over the social media marketing platforms. Communication is personal, ROI is high and people love reading their inbox on a daily basis. Any marketing campaign without email marketing is a waste as you will never become successful in targeting the readers. The marketing platform will only grow in the near future and here are a few trends to watch out in 2016.


Mobile will lead the way

Until 2014, close to 50% emails were opened on mobile phone and last year this number has significantly increased. Even in 2016, the number will surge and outperform the total number of desktop users. A large portion of the email subscribers is expected to shift from desktop to mobile phones. Marketers need to focus on designing mobile friendly emails because if messages are not viewed properly on the mobile, a customer will likely lose their interest. Test every email marketing campaign on a mobile device before sending it to all the readers.

Video and animation content will dominate

Video and animation content will garner more importance in the coming years because animation content brings life to the communication and effectively guide the recipient to the necessary action. Videos attract the attention of the readers and deliver the message appropriately. Engaging the readers while reading the message is essential and users respond to video content much faster. Try to animate the content and using moving elements in the upcoming years.

Never send batch and blast emails

Messages that are sent to all the subscribers without considering the requirement of individual subscribers is referred as batch and blast email. Sending mass emails are ineffective because customers prefer personalization. Blast messages are likely to irritate the customer and they will end up filtering your messages as spam.

Email marketing can become successful through your efforts and hard work.