Email Marketing Trends to Watch out

Today, email marketing provides the biggest bang for the money marketers invest in their campaign. Email is undoubtedly ruling the marketing world, irrespective of the presence of social media networking websites, which boasts of faster results. Any marketing effort without an email communication is a waste because you are not able to personalize the message and connect with the prospect. A strategic email marketing campaign, yield high results and ensures customers are engaged for a long time. The following trends will soon grab the online marketing world.


Recipients get value

Personalized, relevant and interesting content is the soul of any email marketing campaign. Today, brands need to differentiate themselves from others by building an unforgettable user experience in the inbox. The experience can be created by beautiful templates, graphics, content, photography and design. As a marketer, you need to understand that a reader on an average daily receives more than 50 email messages and scanning all the messages in detail is impossible. Customers are extremely choosy about the reading email message. Only when the recipient receives any value from the email, they will be engaged and interested in receiving future information.

Mobile will surpass desktop

A dedicated mobile email marketing strategy is required if you truly want to build long term customer relationship. For e-commerce industry, in 2015, more than $13 billion of online sales occurred through a mobile device.  Mobile email marketing is becoming a game changer for marketers because the inbox is always in the pocket of the customers. Additionally, according to a research more than 70% of the people, delete their emails if they are not properly viewed on their mobile devices. Compatibility of the message layout with different mobile devices is essential. Create simple messages, which are mobile friendly to attract the customers to make a purchase. Shorter subject lines, more white spaces, single column design and small images are a few ways to taste success in mobile email marketing.

These are just a few ways available with a marketer to enhance customer experience and nurture relationships. Follow these trends to stay ahead of your competitors.