Email Marketing Tips to Increase the Open Rates

Email marketing is consistently being used to engage the customers and prospects to the marketing campaign. The return of investment of email marketing outperforms the return on investment of all the other types of marketing channel. And, today email has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Even while eating breakfast or standing at the bus stop, we check our emails on a regular basis. A brand needs to ensure the email messages being sent to the customers are delivered and read. And, to determine this, you need to focus on the open rates. Open rates, give the number of users who opened and read your message from a given list of customers. Improving the open rates of the email marketing campaign is necessary and the following tips will help you achieve it.


Remove words triggering spam filters

You will be shocked to know that more than 100 billion emails are flagged as spam on a daily basis. Your email could be one among these emails. The number is high because many emails carry viruses and carry out unsolicited activities. Spam filters look for certain key phrases in the email and if they find such keywords, the message reaches the spam folder of the inbox. Therefore, it is best to avoid words such as ‘free’, ‘earn money’, ‘winning’, etc.

Create urgency and maintain consistency

As soon as you decide the set time of delivery of the email message, remember to send the next email marketing campaign at the same time every week or month, so that the users know when to expect your email message. Loyal customers will definitely take out time to read to your email communication. Try out different variations of the subject line to create urgency. Customers tend to take action on messages which are capable of creating urgency.

Test different delivery times

Sending emails at a time when customers are busy in other activities will not help you increase the open rates. Instead, try to send emails at a time when customers are actually waiting to read interesting and relevant messages.