Email Marketing Tips to Increase Click-through Rates

What’s the most important email marketing metrics after open rate? It is the click-through rate. In the previous post you learned to increase the open rates, but it will be disheartening that after achieving a high open rate, you are still losing customers because the messages have failed to prompt a click. A great email messages prompt the readers to take an action and read it completely. Click-through is measured by dividing the number of people who clicked the link within the email message by the total number of people who opened the email message. Increasing the CTR is essential as it will increase the revenue and help you build an authentic email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to increase the CTR.


Deliver a clear message

Ambiguity in the email marketing message will thoroughly confuse the subscribers. You need to give one clear reason to the readers to click the call-to-action button. A clear CTA will help you engage with the readers. Try sending messages, which the customers find relevant and meaningful.  Customers today do not have time to read message, therefore, you need to send short and crisp messages. Sending long messages to the readers will never be completely read because customers do not have time to read such email communication.

Make email mobile responsive

According to a study, more than 65% of the emails are read on the mobile devices. And, your emails will never witness a high CTR if the emails are not made mobile responsive. Emails that do not load quickly and are not a mobile user friendly never witness a high CTR. Therefore, you need to test the email message before sending to the customers. Many messages may not open correctly on many mobile devices, therefore, testing the messages before sending is essential.

Use a video

Adding a video to the email marketing will definitely surge the click-through rate. Videos attract the attention of the readers and will pique their interest to click the CTA. Videos witness a higher rate of return than the traditional emails.