Email Marketing Tips That will Increase Conversion

Email has the highest ROI among all the forms of marketing, but only a few marketers have the ability to achieve the results. If you know the tricks of the trade, you can surge the gains. It is not necessary that the best copywriter only knows the tricks to convert readers into long-term customers. No writer can increase the sales by ten folds by sending one letter to the subscribers. An email marketing campaign will not become successful until you spend quality time understanding your audience and their requirements. The following tips will help you increase the conversion rate and build long term customer relationship.

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Create curiosity

Humans tend to do things, which are forbidden to do, just out of curiosity and know whether the results would be as stated. Most of us want to touch the fresh painted walls, especially when a sign on it reads that it is wet. People do this out of sheer curiosity to confirm whether the paint is actually wet. Likewise, you need to create curiosity by sending open loop subject lines. The information in the subject line is incomplete, the only way a customer will know whether what the brand is trying to say is by opening and reading the entire message. Using the open loop along will surely create astounding results as it will pique the curiosity of the readers.

Message for a single purpose

Your email messages need to have one single purpose because a lot of information in one message will lead to confusion and the reader will not understand what action they are required to take. Everything from the subject line to the CTA should have a single purpose. Companies who focus on a delivering a single purpose message saw an increase in the CTAs by more than 30%. The CTAs should be visible as it triggers a customer to take a desired action. Don’t be a miser to stuff everything in a single message and lose the potential customers.

The success of any email marketing campaign is dependent upon the hard work you put in.