Email Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can become a serious business opportunity for a plethora of marketers by tweaking the marketing campaign according to the mood and atmosphere. Sending love and good vibes to the readers through an email marketing campaign is a great way to boost sales and build long term relationships. Festive seasons and special days like Valentine’s offers a lot of opportunity to a certain set of service providers. Your focus should be on making the Valentine’s Day special for the target audience by offering gifts, coupons and discount codes. Email is undoubtedly the leading platform to send the message across to thousands of people, but optimizing the campaign for the special day is essential. Here are a few ways to spice up Valentine’s Day.


Optimize the email template

One or two prior to Valentine’s Day stop sending newsletters with the regular templates, instead deliver romantic themed based templates. Optimize the newsletter and the template according to your business. If you are operating a restaurant, you can offer an exclusive menu for the special day or if you are operating a tourist company, you can send discount offers to couples travelling around these dates. Additionally, you can re-target the dormant accounts of the customers by sending romantic offers. Create a sense of urgency for the reader to take immediate action by booking a seat in the restaurant.

Optimize the website

Your website should be a reflection of the message and hype email marketing has managed to generate. Dedicate a page for Valentine’s Day and customers will get attracted to the website. A dedicated page makes searching for different offers and discounts, extremely easy for the visitors. The conversion rate is enhanced, which directly affects the revenue. Include the link of the special webpage in your email for the customers to directly visit the website for any further information.

Use social media

Leaving social media behind can result in loss of potential customers. Try integrating social media with email marketing by using social icons in every message delivered to the readers. Maximize the conversion rate and reach of the email marketing campaign by focusing on the social media networking sites.