Email Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

With the Halloween over, it is now time for the holiday season. It is the right time to charge your email marketing campaign and generate early holiday sales. Let your creative flow and think out of the box before sending any email to the customer in the holiday season. Holidays are meant for relaxing, chilling out with friends and family members and above all forgetting the hectic office schedule. And, if you can provide your email customers more happiness during these holidays, you will earn lifetime customers. You can follow these email marketing tips for a successful marketing campaign.


Use progressive profiling

Focusing on the purchase history and interest of the customer is a great method to send segmented mails to the customers. But, during the holiday season, the historical data collected will be of no use because the purchase is done for their friends and family members. Rather than you can make use of the progressive profiling wherein the information about the customer is gained through their behaviour in the email. You can use direct or indirect profiling during the holiday season and cater to your audience in a better way.

Include Seasonal content

Adding seasonal images to the header of the email and the additional services provided in the footer of the email will help you increase engagement during the holiday season. You can trigger emails with interesting content on the upcoming holiday season and increase their interest. During holidays customers are in a joyful mood and they will prefer receiving light-hearted and creative content. Send the newsletter or the content according to the season and notice the difference in the marketing figures.

Use preview text

Some of the major email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo have the option of displaying the preview text to the right of the subject line in the inbox. This method is a win situation during the holiday season. Keep the preview text small as long subject lines are disliked by the customers.

This holiday season gear up for the email marketing campaign.