Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Requesting the customers to invest in your organization when you are not providing them with a service or product is a tough task. As a marketer, the challenge to create an effective email marketing campaign is tough and ensuring that the fund raising message is open and read by the customer is a difficult task to accomplish. For tasting success, the response rate of the email messages should be high only then you will be able to urge people to donate in the nonprofit organization. A lot of money is at stake, therefore, you need to carefully craft the whole email marketing campaign to ensure customer engagement.


Here are a few ways on how you can effectively attract customers to the nonprofit organization.

1. A simple call to action

Focus on a single call to action and keep it simple. Put the action you want the customers to take, the first time your email is read, in the center. Instead of writing ‘Eliminate hunger’, write ‘Donate $2 to feed a child in xxx country’. As far as possible be specific in your requirement because a CTA is the heart of an email message. It is the magical button, link, image or phrase that makes the reader take the next step. If the words are not said in the right way, the readers will definitely overlook the message and move on to the next email lying unread in the mailbox.

2. Make the email personal

Sending generic emails to the prospect customers will be of no use because you are not selling a product or a service, you are asking people to donate for a better cause. Instead of bragging only about the organization, write an email from a volunteer. Engage the donors in your work and ask them to donate in order to build a healthy society. You can use dynamic content, which allows to replace key pieces of the email newsletter and the landing pages. You will be able to create a personalized message for each and every person in the mailing list.