Email Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Over the years, email marketing has evolved, making it the first choice for marketers to communicate with the potential and existing customers. Email marketing involves less cost and a high ROI, and can be effectively used to optimize the customer life cycle. However, mindless bombarding the inbox of the customers will irrelevant emails can have negative repercussions as the reader will filter such emails as spam. And, an increased spam complaint is not a good sign of a healthy email marketing campaign. If you want to harness the power of this marketing platform, you need to work on every aspect of the marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to increase the click-through rate, open rate and conversion rate.


Email Copy

Irrespective of how creative and captivating the subject line, a weak email copy is enough to ruin the whole marketing campaign. If the email copy, does not contain well-written and catchy content, the readers will stop opening the messages and your open rate will drastically reduce. Therefore, you need to pay attention to content and images, which are sent to the customers. A strong email copy will save the customers from dwindling away. Use descriptive ‘Alt-tag’ for all the images so that customers know about the images even when the image fails to load.

Focus on design

On an average, a person receives more than 100 emails per day and if you are unable to make a cut in the design of the marketing copy, you will never be able to capture the interest of the customers. The design of the email plays an extremely crucial role in determining the success of the marketing campaign. Ensure to use responsive design such that the email looks good on every device. Remember to keep the branding consistent as it will help customers remember your brand for a long time. Additionally, use consistent spaces as it will enhance readability.

Never place the call to action button too close to the content as they will get lost in the content, thereby ruining your marketing campaign. Use email marketing to deliver value to the potential customers.