Email Marketing Tips Driving Readers to Action

Email marketing actually works, even when it’s the first forms of digital marketing. It still remains an effective medium that produced tangible results and ensure high customer engagement. Today, marketers find it difficult to withhold the attention of the readers because every customer is bombarded with hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Here are a few contemporary ways of increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

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Know your customer behavior

Analyze the weekly or monthly email activity of your customers to understand their action and preferences. Without understanding the requirement and the mindset of the customers, delivering the desired email marketing campaign is impossible. Study in-depth and understand the reasons triggering a particular customer action. You can use A/B testing and heat maps to learn what works with your target audience. No marketing campaign can become successful, if you fail to know your customers.

Combine social media with email marketing

Many marketers use the social sharing icons in their email messages and relax. Undoubtedly, it leads to 115% higher click through rate, but you now need to integrate social media with email marketing. Start by using social media to increase your mailing list. On your social media homepage, remember to create a signup tab, every time you post an update. Additionally, offer sneak peeks into exclusive email newsletter to pique the interest of the social followers. You can even use email marketing to grow your social media followers as it works both the ways. Leverage the effectiveness of social media and email marketing to reach your target audience.

Retarget emails based on customer activity

Many customers abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase or leave an incomplete registration form. Send out trigger email messages within an hour of action and clearly outline the action you expect the customer to take. However, never include any freebie or discount coupon in your retargeting email message. If your first retargeting message does not receive a response, send the freebie in the next message. You need to send typically three email messages to attract the attention of the customer to a triggered event.