Email Marketing- The Number One Priority for Small Business Owners

With Facebook crossing over 1 billion users and other social networking sites slowly catching up with the pace, email marketing is one mode of marketing, which is often left in isolation by many small business owners. However, email marketing today is proving as one of the lethal tool for business owners who religiously follows it.

Why email marketing over social media?

As a marketer, ask yourself which is the best mode of marketing for your company or product. People are addicted to Facebook and Twitter today, but how many of them open it 5-6 times a day? The answer to the question is worth a thought because email is something, which is checked now and then. Sitting in office a person will check the email a higher number of times than he/she opens Facebook or any other social networking site. Moreover, a small business usually has a tight monthly budget, which makes it even more essential to give attention to email marketing over social media. Email marketing is affordable and it does not cost much to send an email to a potential customer. The data generated from the emails sent to the customer are even more important because it tell you the success or failure of the campaign. The results are available usually within 2-3 days of sending the email, thereby giving a chance to the small business owners to improve their campaigns.

Bring more to the bank without breaking the bank

According to a study conducted, customer acquisition via email is the highest and it has grown over the past few years. The study also revealed that customers today usually do not purchase via the social networking websites. Email is effective because it is completely permission based. You email to customers who have willingly shared their email address with your company. However, the same is not true with Facebook and Twitter marketing. The drastic shift from desktop or laptops to mobile is another reason for the success of email marketing. Customers today can 24×7 check their email on mobile.

In order to flourish, start using email marketing today!!!