Email Marketing that Works

For many marketers, email marketing is old-fashioned and is dead because of fashionable venues such as social media and mobile marketing. Unfortunately, reality is different and email is a more powerful approach than ever. It provides you with a direct line of communication and you build strong long term relationship with the readers. Additionally, with a high ROI, email practically pays for itself and you don’t spend extra money on building a strong list. All you need is an email marketing campaign that works for your business. As long as you aren’t bombarding the inbox of the readers with unnecessary email messages, email marketing is incredibly a powerful tool for reaching the target audience. Here are a few strategies that work in email marketing.


Talk with your audience

Talking with your audience is the leading way to build trust and engage the readers. Simply throwing information at the readers was a tactic used previously. Today, you need to talk directly to the readers to build engagement. Dull subject line forces the readers to hit the delete button, you need a great subject line before you trigger messages to the readers. Furthermore, an entertaining and distinctive voice will help you capture the interest of the readers once they have opened your email. The third important aspect to consider is sending tailored content, which is based on the subscriber’s data.

Ensure that messages are not sent to the spam folder

Even if your carefully constructed email messages see the darkness of the spam folder, you can never generate enough revenue from your email marketing efforts. The first step is ensuring that your recipients have opted to receive messages from your organization. Most of the spam filters work by running your emails through a pre-defined criteria and look for features that are common among different spam messages. As far as possible, avoid using all caps and too many exclamation marks.

Your copy should look clean

Short paragraphs and phrases increases the readability and your content stands out in the crowd. Use bullet points to let people browse the content.

A successful email marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a slow process and you need to be patient.