Email Marketing Tactics You Definitely Should not Follow

For a long time, email has been a reliable and powerful method to build relationships with the customers. It is one of the easiest ways for the companies to gain and retain their customers. Today, more than 100 billion emails are shared around the world in an hour. The depth and penetration of email marketing are far better than any other source of email marketing. However, a plethora of marketers still follows some tactics, which hurt the ROI and affects deliverability to a great extent. The following practices should be stopped with immediate effect, if you truly want to flourish and engage customers for a long time.


Never hide the opt-out link

When a customer no longer wants to receive email or newsletter from your company, you should allow them to go away without creating any hassle. Hiding the opt-in link will only lead to customer filtering the email as spam. Additionally, modern day subscribers have little or no patience and they are never going to search for the hidden opt-in button. Making the opt-out button visible is one of the most essential component of designing an email marketing campaign. The disinterested individual will anyways delete or filter the message as spam. As a marketer, you should be interested in building healthy relationship rather than focusing on customers who are not least interested. Such recipient will only spoil the marketing tactics.

Never neglect visuals

Conveying the message through an email will create a positive impression in the minds of the customers. And, if the recipient receives a plethora of emails on a daily basis, a visual message will only relax them because they will not have to read a whole lot of text to understand the relevancy of the message. Additionally, try to use small images so that the message is not heavy and reaches the inbox of the customer easily.

Never ignore lead generation

It is extremely necessary to collect new leads as in the fast changing world the old customers become inactive or dormant very soon. Lead generation should be continuous and you should never ignore it.