Email Marketing Strategies to Increase your Open Rates

Email marketing is one of the leading platforms for sending the message to the target audience. Your email requires a strategy that entices the attention of the readers. And, when used correctly, email has proven to be an extremely cost-effective and influential marketing platform. The goal is not to reach the inbox of the readers, instead it’s more about having your subscribers open your email message. And, if you’re falling behind in any marketing statistics, you need to personalize and humanize your email marketing campaign. However, once the readers open the message, you need to grab their attention with valuable information. Here are a few strategies to increase your open rates.


Avoid Spammy buzzwords

Terms such as ‘free’, ‘guaranteed’, ‘click here’ and ‘y% discount’ negatively impacts your email marketing campaign. It can reduce the open rate, therefore, as far as possible, avoid these words in your message. If you’re consistently using these buzzwords, many subscribers may not even read your messages because such messages are targeted to the spam folder. You can promote a sense of urgency if your sale is ending soon. For example, ‘Sales ends tomorrow’, such subject line will compel the readers to take a desired action. Therefore, avoid these buzzwords to reach the inbox of the readers.

Spelling and grammar

Punctuation is an essential component as it helps in crafting a compelling message. However, remember to use proper grammar and spelling as it turns away the readers. A subject line in all capital letters, including wrongly spelled words is likely to distract the readers. You need to evoke emotion and connect with your target audience. You need to keep your messages simple, casual and personal to win the trust of your target audience. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes as these errors are considered unprofessional.


Segmenting the readers based upon certain parameters will help you reach the target audience without worrying about the spam folder. Segment the list based on interest, gender, date subscribed, occupation, location and gender.

Analyze the behavior of your audience and accordingly craft email marketing campaign.