Email Marketing Statistics You Shouldn’t Overlook

Today, email is the king when it comes to sharing information with the readers and many times marketers overlook different aspects of email marketing and end up creating an unsuccessful marketing campaign. According to many industry sources, marketers and brands that overlook these essential statistics never make an impact in the minds of the readers. Here are a few email metrics to consider before crafting the next marketing campaign for your brand.


Average open rate is 50% for welcome messages

According to a survey, the welcome messages are highly effective and enjoys the highest open rate. Sending an automated email as soon as the customer signs up for the newsletter will help you stay on top of the minds of the readers. It’s a great chance to engage your readers. Therefore, leverage the effectiveness of the welcome messages to win the trust of the readers. Marketers who overlook welcome messages rarely have a great marketing campaign.

More than 53% emails are read on a mobile

The number of Smartphone users is growing at an accelerating rate, making it difficult for marketers who are yet to understand the importance of responsive email designs. You need to ensure that the messages look great on every platform so that you reach maximum customers. Mobile friendly emails are the future of email marketing.

58% people check their email first thing in the morning

This fact may shock you, but it’s true that more than 58% customers read their email first thing in the morning. If you’re sending messages to people at an odd time, consider sending them in the morning to notice the difference in the results. You will definitely see a surge in the open rate, if you’re sending quality content to the target readers.

Using white space improves readability by 20%

You need to understand that marketers who white spaces tend to attract the attention of the readers by more than 20%. Never crowd the content with unnecessary content as readers devote very less time to read a particular message.

Therefore, focus on these statistics to win the trust of the readers.