Email Marketing Statistic You cannot Afford to Overlook – Part II

Email marketing is one of the leading platforms for sending the message across to the customers. The marketing platform is cheap, affordable, measurable and extremely effective. Marketers cannot overlook the benefits of email marketing because by doing so they’ll be hampering their chances of reaching to the potential audience. In the previous post, you read about three important marketing statistics, read ahead to explore three more metrics, you cannot afford to overlook.

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Email with social sharing button has a CTR of more than 150%

Today, people love to share the information on different social media platforms. And, marketers can leverage the effectiveness of social media to increase their client base and build long term relationship. And, you can connect with friends and family members of your customers. Therefore, before sending any email marketing campaign remember to place the buttons of popular social media networking website at the end of every message. Your messages are likely to receive a CTR of more than 150%.

Emails sent on Monday receives a higher open rate

Many marketers don’t believe in the importance of sending messages at a stipulated time because they consider this metric as a waste. But, time and again many researches have proved that emails being sent on a Monday morning usually witness a higher open rate when compared to other days of the week. If you believe in these marketing statistics, consider at least one message at that time to notice the difference in the results. Focus on building a strong email marketing campaign, which attracts readers and you can nurture the relationship.

More than 44% people report messages as spam based on the from name

The sender’s name is extremely essential in the success of your email marketing campaign. If it does not represent your brand in a proper name, customers are less likely to show interest and it will lead to a very low CTR. Therefore, always send messages from your brand name and never use any other email address.