Email Marketing Statistic You cannot Afford to Overlook – Part I

Email marketing is and will continue to be the most popular and effective marketing tool. The main reason being that more than 25% of the human population has an email address. This takes the marketing of a product to a different level and the trend is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years. However, many marketers, even today find email marketing tricky, but if you adhere to some practices of email marketing, reaching out to the potential customers will become easy. Here are a few impressive marketing statistics to consider, before starting your email marketing campaign.

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More than 33% recipients open emails based on the subject line and 69% filter the messages as spam

Subject line can create a difference between a successful and a failed marketing campaign. Focus on keeping the subject line short, but as descriptive as possible. Try to offer an overview of the content in the subject line, so that the readers open it. Moreover, email subject lines, which are shorter than 10 characters usually witness an open rate of more than 58%. Additionally, more than 69% of the readers, filter the messages as spam if they don’t find the subject line meaningful.

Personalized subject lines witness an open rate of more than 22%

Keep the interest of the readers before creating any subject line. Analyze the audience and find out what type of subject line they are expecting. Focus on creating a personalized subject line to attract the attention of the readers. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can use the name of the reader in the subject line to build a strong relationship. Use personalization to the next level to build a stronger personal relationship with your customers.

64% email messages are read on a mobile device

Smartphones today have become a lifeline for a majority of the customers and you should definitely not miss this golden opportunity to interact with the potential customers. And, according to a survey conducted by email marketing census, more than 39% of the marketers do not have a proper mobile marketing strategy.