Email Marketing Resolution for 2016

With the increasing use of social media, marketers are continuously focusing on social media platforms and ignoring email marketing. Be it 2010 or 2016, email marketing is still the leading way to drive sales and attract customers. According to a survey, more than 60% of customers prefer receiving information about a brand via an email and email marketing continuously yields higher ROI when compared to all the other marketing forms. Many marketers still have not mastered the basics of creating a strategy. You can follow these resolutions in 2016 to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.


Spending less

One of the most common resolutions for consumers is spending less and saving money for their future needs. And, as a marketer, you will be aiming for high sales. High sales can only occur if you offer promotional discounts, reward them for their loyalty and offer freebies to the customer. Therefore, send marketing campaigns, which lets the customers spend less. Many marketers take the advantage of New Year and bombard the inbox with meaningless messages. Excessive emails will annoy the customers and the sales will never occur. As a marketer, you need to pay attention to quality over quantity as in the long run quality information will reap benefits. Send less, but send meaningful content will definitely help you take the business to the next level.

Personalize the message

Customers are frustrated when generic emails are sent and you will lose on potential customers if the messages are not personalized. Customers are likely to read an email if they feel a personal connection. And, today, marketers have a large database of information about the customers making personalization easy. The information can be used to customize pitches and attract the customers. According to a survey, personalization will hold a key aspect in determining the open rates in the year 2016. Therefore, ensure to include it as one of your New Year resolutions.

Rethink about the marketing strategy in 2016 as email for years will remain the leading tool for communication, and will help you drive sales and assist in growing the business.