Email Marketing Predictions for 2016

The marketing year is about to end or has already ended for some business owners. The Christmas campaigns and promotions are ready to be rolled out to the customers. Usually, a Christmas campaign last till the mid of January and it is one of the most crucial campaign for any business because if the start of the year is wonderful, the rest of the year is likely to be fruitful for the business. And, if you can get hold of a crystal ball and see what trends will be liked by customers in 2016, you might not waste a lot of money in designing and thinking about the email marketing strategies. Here are a few predictions of 2016 for email marketing.


‘Batch and blast’ marketing will become a history

‘Batch and blast’ email marketing refers to sending the same email to each and every customer. Sending personalized emails to the customers is the upcoming trend for the year 2016. And, the leading way to send such messages is segmenting the mailing list based upon their interests. According to a survey, customers love receiving emails from a source sending personalized emails. Personalization has an altogether different effect on the marketing campaign and you can increase your marketing statistics by connecting with the customers at a personal level. Therefore, if you are still focusing on ‘batch and blast’ emails, it is time to leave your old methods behind.

Mobile will grow even bigger

More than 50% of the emails are now being opened on mobile phones by the customers. And, this trend is likely to only grow in the upcoming year as well. The number of Smartphone users will increase, making it the largest platform for reading emails. Therefore, ensure to use a design compatible with all screen sizes. Responsive design of the email template will help you attract the customers. It is advisable to read your email on a mobile phone before sending it to the readers. You can eliminate the chances of an email being flagged as spam because of readability issues.

Email marketing will only grow in the year 2016.