Email Marketing Myths Busted

Misinformation is misleading and many a time marketers have fallen into the trap of the myths revolving around email marketing. Myths originate from a reliable source and soon captures the mind of the marketers, resulting in the downfall of the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, busting the myth revolving around email marketing is essential. Therefore, read on ahead to know email marketing myths and the actual truths. Myths are harmless, but can cost loss of thousands of dollars, decrease the conversion rates and can easily hurt the sender’s reputation to an extent it degrade it beyond repair.

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Myth#1 Never email customers more than once a week

The amount of emails that should be triggered to the customers depends upon a lot of factors, including your company, industry, product, level of engagement and the types of the emails being sent to the customers. For example, a financial firm will enjoy a high level of engagement from daily emails because of the transnational nature of the emails whereas a manufacturing firm will enjoy a high level of engagement when email newsletters are sent monthly to the customers. Therefore, depending upon the nature of the business and the level of desired engagement, set the frequency of emails. And, if you are a service based company, sending newsletters whenever a new offer comes up will definitely help you increase the customer and user base.

Myth#2 If your emails are not responsive you lose the mobile customers

Today, a majority of the customers uses mobile and open the emails on smartphones. Mobile audience constitute of a high number of customers and it is essential to keep this user base extremely happy. However, a plethora of marketers believes that if the emails are not responsive, the customers will not like the marketing campaign and will not open the email at all. Creating a mobile friendly email will serve the purpose because for new businesses developing a responsive email might be out of their budget. A mobile friendly experience includes a single column, clear CTAs and easy to tap buttons. A mobile friendly email will surely help you connect with the intended target audience.