Email Marketing Myths and Facts

The world today, without a doubt is addicted to their inbox because of which email marketing is not dead. Even in the foreseeable future, email marketing is likely to dominate and will help attract potential clients. According to a report by McKinsey, email marketing is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than any other social media platforms. Therefore, you need to understand the basic facts and myths surrounding this marketing platform.

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Unsubscribes are bad

Many email marketers love to brag about their unsubscribe rate, but it’s useless to brag about it because unsubscribes are not bad. It’s a nice metric and means nothing to your business because it helps you remove unwanted readers and subscribers. When unqualified leads are removed from the marketing list, it helps in maximizing the ROI. Your opportunity cost reduces as you remove people who are unlikely to buy from you. Focus on placing the opt-out link in every email message so that readers than opt out.

Marketing messages should be branded

Not all marketing messages should look nice. According to a study, plaint text with no logos and color also result in a great conversion rate. If your messages are appealing and effective, customers will read it, whether you have included any image or not. Therefore, focus on sharing messages that add value to your readers. Again, everything depends on your audience, who might prefer regular or conversational personal feel.

Whenever in doubt, test what works with your customers.

Tuesday is the day to send email messages

You would have definitely heard that Tuesday is the best day to send messages as on Monday’s people are catching up with and on Friday’s people getting ready for their weekend. And on Wednesday and Thursday, people are probably busy and in full swing. Therefore, you have only Tuesday to send messages to your target audience. According to a report by HubSpot, Tuesday was the worst day to send marketing messages to the readers.

In fact the best days to send email messages is Thursday, Friday and weekends.

Focus on your improving your email marketing campaign to reach the target audience.