Email Marketing Mistakes That can Cost You

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any marketing effort, irrespective of the business you deal with. Today, marketers have come across different techniques to create a hassle free email marketing experience. Even though email marketing seems as an easy platform to connect with the readers, even the most experienced marketers end up committing mistakes that cost their business. If you want to build your online reputation and build long term relationship with the readers, you need to avoid these email marketing mistakes.


Sending messages with spammy content

If you are not careful in sending content to the readers, your messages are likely to get filtered as spam. And, spam complaints drastically affects all the marketing statistics. As far as possible, avoid using bad links, special characters and misleading subject lines as it triggers the spam filters. Additionally, never fill the newsletter with too many sloppy images and bad HTML code. Focus on sending content with piques the interest of the target audience and they are forced to make a purchase. Content with grammatical error and unnecessary use of capital letters are never received well by the readers. Deliver value to build a strong email marketing campaign.

Poor frequency

At the onset, many marketers are super excited to send newsletters, but as the time progresses, the excitement fades away and they forget to send messages at a regular time interval. Or you may be sending content three times a day to the readers. In both the cases, you are losing the interest of the potential customers. Inconsistent frequency is one of the biggest turn off and mistake marketers around the world often overlook.

Sending email without a clear idea

Any marketing campaign should have a definite goal and if you don’t have a goal, it will reflect in your newsletter and messages. Acquiring email addresses, without knowing about your ultimate goal is like starting a speech without knowing the points you are trying to make. Therefore, send the email messages with a clear goal in mind to attract the potential readers.

Avoid these mistakes to achieve success in your email marketing campaign.