Email Marketing Misconceptions

Today, people are inundated with emails, making it extremely difficult for the marketer to get noticed by the customer in the inbox. Email marketing is changing every passing day and because of this evolution many marketers may be following the old tactics resulting in a poor email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the marketing strategies you are following and change it with evolution of email.


Here are a few misconceptions about email marketing:

Large email list results in a better marketing campaign

Sending newsletter to an engaged mailing list is better than sending it to large mailing lists of uninterested customers. Many marketers are under an impression that a large email list will yield more sales and generate revenue. Therefore, you need to focus on the list hygiene rather than wasting your time on building the mailing list. It is recommended that you review and verify the list every five-six months to ensure high deliverability rates. You will definitely not want to send mail to invalid email addresses as it will leave a negative impact on the marketing statistics.

Reaching the inbox is the ultimate goal

Every marketer wants to reach the inbox of the customer, but if the email is simply sitting in the inbox it will be of no use. Instead of targeting to reach the inbox of the customer, target to send the right message to the right group of people at the right frequency. Consider your engagement rates and previous data to modify the existing marketing campaign. If your open and read rates are low, you need to change the content being sent because the quality of the content is not interesting enough for the customers to open and read it.

More images help to attract the customers

One or two well-placed and crisp images will help you reach the hearts of the customers. It is anytime better than using 5-10 images, which results in a crowded message. Going big with images is a great idea, but it increases the risk of the email being marked as spam.