Email Marketing is the Preferred Channel

Customer acquisition and engagement through email marketing is slowly gaining popularity and email marketing is becoming one of the most preferred marketing channels across the globe. If experts are to be believed, companies are planning to increase their investment by more than 50% on email marketing campaigns because the return obtained is unmatched and unsurpassable. However, some people even today rely on the fact that email is dead and the promotional emails are rarely read by the target audience. On the contrary, businesses and brands are heavily relying their marketing activities because of the penetration of this marketing channel. Here are a few reasons why email marketing will be the first choice for marketers even in 2016.


Content attracts the customer

Brands today have to work harder than before to attract the attention of the customers because similar content will be shared by their immediate rivalries. But, this does not mean that the content does not attract customers. With the majority of content now being read on Smartphones and tablets, the nature of content has become extremely dynamic. If the message is personalized, the open rates will be higher and if your communication caters to the needs of your readers, the click-through rate will be extremely high. Today, we are in an age where customers expect personalized and relevant content. Informative and useful content will ensure an extremely seamless experience for the readers and you successfully carry out an email marketing campaign.

Social media is less powerful

Influential brand engagement does not happen in social media because being strictly professional on a platform where everyone is getting social is a bit difficult. Customers will definitely not prefer adding companies in their friend’s list. Social media are amplifiers for the content and can entice the customer if your brand is able to fulfil their requirements. However, if the preference of your customer changes, your brand will no longer be visible in the Newsfeed of the customers. You can leverage the effectiveness of social media to broadcast your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is undoubtedly the most preferred mode of communication.