Email Marketing is Far from Being Dead

Every time a new method of reaching a customer is introduced, more and more people suggest that email marketing is dead. However, even today marketers expect a high return on investment and that definitely does not happen when a marketing platform is dead. Email marketing is an extremely simple and affordable way of reaching customers and nurturing relationships. Pay attention to some of the best practices for brand communication and you will never face any deliverability or spam complaint issue.


Develop a strategy

Like all other marketing platforms, never send a marketing campaign blindly to the readers. Based upon your marketing goals, industry you serve and target audience create a strategy to craft a winning email marketing campaign. Decide the frequency of content you will be sending to the readers along with the budget of the campaign. Once you have answers to these questions, enticing the readers would become easy. Focus on developing a strategy before triggering messages, which either land in the spam or trash folder.


Customization is one key tactic for creating viral email marketing – such messages are forwarded more frequently by the readers. Customization works well when messages are sent to a large audience because viral emails are likely to feature a call to action encouraging the customers to share with others. Additionally, it helps in customer retention as it nurtures relationship. When customers receive personalized offers and messages based upon their purchase behavior, it encourages the reader to further make a purchase. More than 60% of the online customers prefer if the online store remember their contact detail and purchase information.

Make the messages relevant

Delivering content to the target leads at every step of the buyer’s cycle is essential. Segment the marketing list based on the interest and preference of your readers. Additionally, when people subscribe to your newsletter, they are finding your content useful. And, if you send irrelevant content, the readers will surely turn away from the brand.

Focus on delivering quality information to the readers and you will taste success in your email marketing campaign.