Email Marketing is all About Enhancing Customer Relationship

Even with the widespread use of mobile and social media, email marketing is far from being dead. It is one of the most reliable and cost effective marketing platform available to the marketers. The reach of email marketing cannot be compared to any other marketing platform and the ROI it generates is the highest in the industry. Marketers who consider email to be dead are actually missing out on a lot of potential customers because according to a survey more than 80% of the customers sign up for the newsletter just to receive information about different deal, discounts and products of the company. Email marketing is all about enhancing the customer relationship and if you are successful in providing a 5 star experience, you have nailed the basics of email marketing.


Convert Customers to Brand Advocate

Tapping customers who are ready to become your brand advocate will help you enhance the customer relationship. Ask such customers for videos or text testimonials to be used on the website and in the newsletters. These testimonials will work because customers are always looking out for genuine reviews from customers who have already availed a service from the brand. When such a generated content becomes popular, keeping the customers engaged with meaningful content is even more essential. Remember, if you don’t keep customers or readers happy someone else will surely take away your customers. Improve your communication and offer excellent customer service.

Personalized Communication

More than 90% of the marketers believe that personalizing the emails will definitely improve the performance of the email marketing campaign. However, remember to send emails to a segmented mailing list as it will further help to improve communication and build long term relationship with the customers. Additionally, focus on internal content, subject line and call to action as these parameters will determine the open rates and the click-through rate. Try to personalize every communication as it definitely brings flavor to the communication and ensure customer engagement.

Remember, email marketing is all about enhancing customer relationship.