Email Marketing Guide for 2016

Marketers around the world will agree to the fact that email marketing is far from being dead. Getting subscribers on the mailing list is only winning half the battle because nurturing the relationship and converting the subscriber to a brand loyalist is difficult. Email marketing provides the desired reach, which every brand strives for. Unless, you reach the inbox of the readers, maintaining a loyal customer base will become a tedious task to achieve. The ROI of the marketing campaign will increase if you are successful in creating customer engagement. Here are a few tips that will form a vital part of your email marketing campaign.


Welcome Email

Welcome email is the first introduction to your subscribers and creating a first impression is essential to reap benefits of the email marketing campaign. Forget the long and complex email messages, instead focus on letting the readers know how grateful your company is and tell the users what to expect from your email campaign. You may be recounting the same information again and again, but sending the welcome email is an essential component of an email marketing strategy.

Interaction Email

Sending the interaction email before the welcome message is inviting trouble because a customer would have forgotten about subscribing to your newsletter. You need a chance to interact with your audience and let the customers interact with your brand. Ask the reader, if they are facing any issue with your brand and if you could help them solve their queries. The interaction email should be personal enough, such that it triggers interest in the customer to take an action. These emails will help you build your customer base and increase engagement.

Freebie Email

Customers love surprises and nothing could be better than offering freebies to the subscribers. Send the subscribers a freebie out of nowhere. The freebie can be a free eBook, a webinar and an early insight to the latest product you are offering. Useful freebies will definitely be loved by the readers because it provides a ‘feel good’ feeling to the readers.

Achieving success in email marketing is not difficult, you only need to work hard.