Email Marketing Ground Rules for Small Businesses?

Email marketing is successful not only for larger firms. For a small business an email marketing campaign can give the initial kick start and help the business grow during a period of time. However, in order to succeed, the following ground rules for email marketing must be followed.

1. Send email when you want to share

Many small companies commit the mistake of thinking emails as a medium to publish content and send it to the customers. For the content to be successful, it is extremely important that the content creates value for the customer. The goal of any communication should be clear in email marketing before newsletters are triggered to the customer.

2. Market the content by making it shareable

In the online world, popularizing the content is extremely difficult because of millions of users. As a marketer, you can include links of company’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page in every communication with the customer. You have to ensure that the links are clickable because it is easy for the customer to visit your website and the links can easily be shared with friends and family members. Sharing is one of the core competencies of the internet world and the more your content is shared, the better will be the overall results.

3. Read the spam rules

The government of all countries and the body which monitors the internet has set certain specific guidelines for companies who wants to use email marketing as a marketing tool. The spam rules are stringent and you are allowed to send emails only to the users who specifically wanted to be on your email list. Including unsubscribe button in every communication is a part of the guidelines. Therefore, ensure that all the guidelines are followed to avoid being marked spam.

4. Publish on time

Publishing a newsletter on a regular basis is one of the key success factors in email marketing. It helps connect and build a strong bond with the company. If the newsletters are sent at intervals of six months no one will recognize the company and you will lose brand loyalty as well.