Email Marketing FAQs

In a world full of digitization and resources available for becoming a top performer in your niche, many business owners are turning into marketers for their brand. The reason being some marketing methods is no longer rocket science, which a business owner cannot understand. Today, email marketing is one of the most easiest and simple methods available with business owners to effectively build their online reputation and grow the customer base. However, still many marketers repeatedly ask some questions related to the success of an email marketing campaign. Here are the two top questions that are in the minds of a plethora of marketers.


When should I automate the marketing campaign?

Follow the concept of better late than never and the moment you set up your email marketing campaign, start the automation process. An automated email welcome message should be on top of your list as the message will help you connect with the prospect at a personal level. Secondly, remember to set your customer’s expectation regarding the type and frequency of content they can expect from your brand. This is an important step because customers get irked with too many emails. Exemplify your products, services, features and let the customers know why your content is worth subscribing. After, covering these automation basics you can get creative and send discounts and coupon codes to your customers. The sooner you start the automation process, the better it will be for your email marketing campaign.

What is the best time and to send emails to my customers?

Today, when everyone is extremely busy with their fast paced life, marketers want to grab the formula of sending the emails at a time when the customer is most likely to read. Irrespective of the time and the day you send the email, the content should be appealing and applauding to the audience. And, if still you want to know the best time and day, carry out extensive research and test with different time and day. It will help you understand the nature of your audience for a short duration of time.

Your email marketing campaign is yours, work on it with dedication.