Email Marketing Essentials For Small Business Owners

More than 100 billion email messages are exchanged on a regular basis. How do you separate and distinguish your messages? Making a difference in the inbox is extremely essential for the readers to read your emails. Intriguing headlines and compelling copy are required to attract the attention of the target audience. And, as a small business owner, you need to send relevant messages otherwise, readers will completely overlook the content you’re sharing thereby ruining the email marketing campaign. Here are a few tactics to stand out and reach the hearts of your target audience.

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Vague and short headlines attract attention

When it comes to email marketing, short and vague headlines have one objective – get the recipient to open the message. But, it’s definitely not an easy task. The industry average open rate is between 15 to 25%, which means that only one in every 4 email messages are opened by the readers. Therefore, optimizing your headlines is essential to ensure that your messages are read by the target audience. When crafting messages, focus on creating vague and short headlines as it piques the interest of the target readers. One of the best subject lines in the history of email marketing was during the presidential campaign of Obama, which generated $690 million online. The subject was ‘Hey’, the reason it tweaked interest in the audience was that customers usually open messages from friends and family members. The email headline tweaked similar interest, resulting in a successful email marketing campaign.

Focus on content with promotional offers

If your email marketing is all about ‘sell sell and sell’, you’re going to lose out potential subscribers. They are going to get bored of your offers and eventually leave your marketing campaign. As a small business owner, understand that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring the new subscribers. Focus on mixing curated content with your sales content and send it to the target audience. Make education a priority over the sales message as most brand send messages, constantly urging the readers to make a purchase.

Focus on these email marketing essentials to reach the target audience.