Email Marketing Errors to Avoid

Even though email marketing is being used for a long period of time, it is surprising that same old errors occur every time. In a hurry to attract readers, marketers end up committing blunders, which cannot be reverted and you end up losing potential readers. Email marketing is one platform providing ample opportunities to connect with readers and helps in building a loyal customer base. Mistakes from your end can prove fatal as your marketing tactics and activities strongly depend upon the success of the email marketing campaign. Here are a few common email marketing errors to avoid if you want to reach the inbox of your readers.


Content error

Content errors are critical as a readers open and read the email only if the content is interesting and relevant. People today are extremely busy and get time only to skim through the messages, so make sure to add attention grabbing lines and offers in your message. If your content is able to grab the attention of your audience, the message would be completely read and the readers are likely to click the call to action button.

Offering global un-subscription

Providing a chance for your readers to unsubscribe is a fair and ethical business tactic to follow. However, even today, many marketers commit the mistake of providing a global unsubscribe button containing certain tick boxes for the users to select and take an action. Instead, provide feedback forms with blank lines for the user to explicitly express their viewpoints and provide an elaborate reason for leaving the marketing campaign.

Lack of honesty

Whether it is the 21st century or the 31st century, honesty will always remain as the best policy, especially for businessmen. Never make outright lie and promises which can never be fulfilled. It’s definitely fair to promote a product, but choosing deceptive wording to lure the readers is completely against the business ethics. No email marketing campaign can ever become successful by lying to the potential customers. Be honest and be fair while dealing with your customers.

Avoid these mistakes to build an authentic online presence.