Email Marketing Errors that can Cost You

Marketing your product via email is a great way to touch base with customers and increase your sales. Providers can easily share information, announce product launches, promotions and grow their business by increasing the total number of prospects. It is easier said than done and unless you follow proper marketing strategies and techniques, your brand is more likely to suffer brand damage. You need to implement multiple elements to effectively reach the target audience. Your mode of delivery, type of content and email design are other factors affecting the success of your email marketing campaign. Here are a few marketing errors to avoid.


Using non-responsive design

More than 85% of the messages are being read on mobile devices, which means that email should be optimized for mobile devices. Easy readability on smartphones and tablets is essential to attract the readers and ensure a long term customer relationship. Even without the responsive design, your content will be viewed, but the content will be haphazard and will not be user-friendly. Reading such content will result only in customer going away from your newsletter. When users are forced to scroll left and right and up and down, they are likely to filter your messages as spam.

Violating the terms of ESP

Many service providers prohibit companies from using third-party emailing list because of the potential threat. If you continue to violate their terms of service, you’re likely to get reap negative benefits as the ESP may blacklist you forever. Account closure and banning of domain are other threats of violating the legal terms of email service providers. Therefore, focus on following all the rules and regulations implemented for a successful email marketing campaign.

Buying email lists from unknown sources

Most marketers never agree to buy email list because they drastically affect your sender’s reputation, especially if the marketing list is priced far below. Remember to cross-check your email list across different validation services to guarantee proper results. Never purchase a list from unknown source as it comprises of many spambots and spam traps.