Email Marketing Designs

Email undoubtedly is a powerful tool to communicate with the customers and build long term relationships. Email marketing provides useful insight and the data collected can be used to improve the next email marketing campaign. In order to reap maximum benefits of this marketing platform, you need to build cohesive designs attracting the readers to take a desired action. The design should speak for the website and should be in-line with the brand image and the advertising campaign. Many marketers fail to implement this element in their marketing strategy resulting in a poor marketing campaign. Use great designs, interesting content and templates to entice the readers to make a purchase. Here are a few things you can implement in the email marketing design.



Images speak a thousand words and influences the readers better than any other form of communication. A catchy and interesting picture drive engagement and ensures that the message is completely read by the target audience. However, if you chose the wrong image, the message will directly land in the spam folder of the inbox. You need to choose the image wisely and ensure that the size of the image is not too large. Large size images reduces the load time especially on a mobile device. Use appropriate images matching the design and the intended purpose of sending the message to the readers.

Visual Design Checklist

A checklist will ensure that the key aspects of the design are not skipped or overlooked. A design checklist smoothens the workflow. Include the following key points in your checklist.

The size of the image should be less than 200 kb

Important content is highlighted and is present in html

The template is in sync with the brand’s logo

The primary colors of the email design are present on the logo

Responsive design (especially for mobile device)

The above checklist will help you attract customers as customers like receiving flawless messages.

Test the design

Before sending the email to the mailing list, test each and every aspect of the design. Testing the design is the best way to ensure that you are not sending disaster emails to your readers.