Email Marketing Challenges of 2016

Today, email marketing is one of the most preferred marketing platform, and required for inbound marketing and sale processes. The heart of email marketing is about providing top class customer experience to the right person and at the right time. However, delivering the message to the inbox of the customer is a tedious process. Apart from deliverability you will come across many challenges before delivering a successful email marketing campaign. Marketers faced a plethora of difficulties during execution of the marketing campaign in 2015, and a marketer is likely to encounter the following challenges in 2016.


Growing and retaining customers

Growing the customer base is a tricky process for marketers making it the number one challenge of 2016. Removing the inactive customers from the marketing list is a good thing as you are pruning customers lowering the deliverability rates. But, engaging the active customers and ensuring you have a loyal customer base is essential to generate business. Marketers in a rush to increase the database, purchase a mailing list and send email communication to the customers who never agreed to receive messages from your brand. This is a self-destructive practice followed by many marketers. Growing and retaining the customers can become simpler, if quality content and irresistible offers are offered. Target the messages to match the buyer personas.

Improving Deliverability

Deliverability rate is calculated by dividing the number of messages you send to the messages that reached the inbox of the mailing list. Not every message that is sent to a customer reaches the inbox. Internet service providers block email addresses having a low deliverability rate. Therefore, improving the deliverability rate is essential, but is a challenging task. Customers frequently change their email addresses and forget to inform you about the change. You can provide access to the customers to update their information regularly and avoid email bounces. Additionally, update the email marketing list on a regular basis and remove subscribers who never click or open the email messages. Ask the customers the frequency and the type of messages they want to receive.

Coping up with the email marketing challenges is easy, you just need to work hard.