Email Marketing Calendar 2015- Part II

In the previous part we learnt to create and organize an email marketing calendar. Today, we will learn how to create an email marketing calendar which will work. The following instructions or ways will help you create a marketing calendar that will bend your difficult task and ensure that every goal according to the calendar is met. You will need a calendar either in the form of a sticky note, real calendar or a calendar in the mobile application.

1. Highlight the important dates

Every year is filled with more than a dozen of holidays. And, holidays are the days when your email marketing campaign will reach new heights. Promotional offers and discounts can be given on such days to generate revenue and build a loyal customer base. In order to carry out these activities successfully, a lot of planning is essential. And, by highlighting the dates your task becomes easier. Highlight days with different colors if they are really important. To keep track of the holidays, highlight a few days in advance because keeping track of each and every holiday is a tedious affair.

2. Write down the events or promos you are thinking about

Creativity can shine anywhere, therefore, it is extremely essential to note down the events or promos that come in your mind. If you are planning for an email discount on Christmas, write it down immediately on the sticky note. You can later on change the promo, but it will be in front of you always. You can improvise upon it later on. If required keep a copy of the sticky notes on your desk to ensure that your email marketing campaign works.

3. Social media cross marketing

Social media is only going to get bigger every year and 2015 is not new. If you integrate your email marketing campaign with social media, you are bound to taste success. Have predefined templates for the email marketing campaign. Draw a timeline for the content in order to reach to the targeted audience. Ensure that the content or the email marketing campaign is shared on all the social networking sites.