Email Marketing Best Practices

Gaining success in terms of leads is not an easy task in an email marketing. A lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and adhering to the best practices is required. Not only email marketing campaigns are successful. And, a majority of the campaigns fails because email best practices are overlooked by the marketers. The following best practices will help you increase leads and ensure a successful campaign.

  1. The email should be in the regular size of 500- 650 pixels because anything above that the users will have to scroll down. And, with hundreds of incoming mails, this is not recommended.
  2. According to experts, a subject line is successful if it contains less than 50 characters, such a subject line is catchy and easily attracts the attention of the customer.
  3. Using uppercase letters in the subject line is another great way to attract the customers. However, ensure that not all the letters are in uppercase as it reduces readability. For example, ‘Tips To Keep The Body Healthy In Summer’ is better and readable than ‘TIPS TO KEEP THE BODY HEALTHY IN SUMMER’. Optimally using the uppercase letter will increase the engagement.
  4. A/B testing is extremely useful in today’s world.  Therefore, it is important that the testing is carried out on a considerable scale so that the results can be tabulated statistically. The statistics will come useful to improve the performance and the reach of your email marketing campaign.
  5. Remember to put your company’s logo on the upper left corner of the email. This is because a research has shown that a majority of customers today search for the logo first thing when they open the email.
  6. Always send the email from the company’s mail address and not from any local email address. For example, is a more reliable address than With the fraudulent activities, increasing every day, sending emails from authentic email addresses is recommended and is a great way to avoid spam filters.
  7. Keep the call to action button or link somewhere where the user can see without having to search for it. This increases the click-through rate and the chances of generating leads is increased.