Email Marketing a Boon for Shoes Companies

When it comes to flaunting shoes, be it guys or girls everyone loves to show off their costly slipper and shoes to make an everlasting impression. With designer shoes capturing the market and creating hype, it becomes difficult to stand out of the crowd and tell the customers that your designs outsmart the other designer in the market. And, you can successfully achieve this using email marketing. The reach and penetration of email marketing are by far the best available and can help you attract customers from everywhere, thereby giving your email marketing campaign wings to perform better with every step.


How to effectively utilize the functionality of Email?

Today a majority of the audience uses smartphones and can check the emails regularly. Therefore, triggering newsletters exemplifying the products and designs you offer will help you entice customers and build a large user base. A customer is always on a look out for something interesting and if you can offer designs which match up the style of your customers, email marketing will reap benefits which no other platform can possibly do. Send slipper or shoes cleaning tips to the customer, teach them about the different materials from which different kinds of shoes are made, the advantages and the disadvantages. Connecting personally with the customers is extremely useful when it comes to email marketing. Unless your product offers something which the competitors cannot survive in the tough world will be problematic for your company. Therefore, as far as possible concentrate on the product and give offers, promotional discounts and free tips to the customers. You can even host email quizzes to increase the engagement and go closer to the customer.

What not to do?

Sending irrelevant content to customers will cost you a lot. Sending promotional emails of women’s footwear to a man will only lead to high unsubscribe rate wherein customers will get frustrated. Therefore, separate the customers according to the demographics before sending it to the customers. Additionally, trigger emails only when it is essential, otherwise a customer’s inbox will be full of emails which he/she will never care to open.