Email Campaign Statistics Report

At Email It, we have a page just to show you the email campaign statistics along with many others that you will benefit from. In this section, you will see a brief overview of all the email campaigns you have send in the past using our system. Once you click “View”, you will be presented with a snapshot of that email campaign. The snapshot includes…

Email Subject – What subject you have entered when you send that email campaign
Email Campaign Name – To identify multiple email campaigns easily on your account
Contact List – Again to identify multiple contact lists & avoid confusion
Start Sending – The time this email campaign was processed by our system
Finished Sending – The time this email campaign has finished sending
Sending time – The amount of time it took for our system to finish sending
Sent To – Shows the number of recipients that you have sent your campaign to
Sent by – The person responsible for sending that email campaign
Opened – Number of people who have opened your campaign in addition to unique opens
Open Rate – Calculated in percentage of your entire contact list
Click-through Rate – Percentage of people who clicked on the links in your campaign
Bounced – The amount of emails that were bounced