Email Campaign Delivery (Checklist)

We make mistakes all the time but making a mistake while sending your email campaign is a costly one. Mainly because you can’t undo or correct it once its sent. With that being said, you can avoid such things from happening by following this simple checklist before sending your email campaign through. These tend to be the most common mistakes we have observed while operating our email marketing business.

  • Do all the links work and if they are going to the correct places? – Many of our customers end up sending links that are dead due to typos. These are harder to fix than but with some managed to fix it by redirecting wrong links to right ones.
  • Do you have a plain text version? Is it same as your HTML content? – By default, our software automatically crafts a beautiful plain text version of your email campaign unless you manually changed it or chose HTML only option.
  • Do you have alt tags and do they show links? – This is important as it allows your customers to see at-least the text if the images are blocked. Its also helpful for special needs people whose devices read out these alt tags.
  • Do all your pictures have links and are they going to correct places? – Its again the same case as the checklist number one. You need to make sure you click all the links when you send out a test campaign to yourself first before sending to the main mailing list.
  • Is your email personalized and are the names in your list correctly formatted and present? – With the personalization tags, you must make sure there is no little “%” symbols missing. If they are, the system will read it as a normal text and wouldn’t replace it with data.
  • Do you have clear unsubscribe button and does it work? – Its easier to select unsubscribe option from what we provide than to have a typo in the tag. It must be clearly visible since if people can’t find it, they click “spam” button which may lead to your account being banned.
  • Do you have trust earning text at top? – When people subscribe to your mailing list, they tend to forget when and how they did it. Its a good idea to add a statement which tells them how you have obtained their email address.
  • Are you tracking your links using Google Analytics? – Email campaigns sent through our email marketing software always have link tracking switched on by default. Using analytics, you can further track how these email campaigns are providing you website traffic and converting them into your customers.
  • Have you cleaned your distribution list of opt-outs? Its very important to check as not cleaning them could end up having adverse effect on your reputation as a sender.
  • How does your email look in different inbox clients? – What you see on the website or in your email client (Eg. Outlook) might not be the same to your subscribers. We provide you with email testing tools that allow you to check just that.