Driving Revenue Using Retention Email Marketing

Automated emails are an important ingredient of email marketing strategy. It involves email messages that are sent automatically to the customers who are in the retention stage of customer life cycle. The purpose of automatic email is to increase the number of purchases, develop evangelists, and obtain reviews. These emails are generally sent to customers who have bought, once or more than once.

Following are four revenue generating and delightful campaigns to attract customers at the retention stage.

The Birthday Message

The birthday message is considered as one of the best methods to give back something to your customer and express gratitude for being loyal towards the company. You can send an offer around, before or on the birthday. Ensure that email is kept personal.

If you do not have birthday data in your database. The best way to obtain such data is to ask during the welcome program or preference updating link sent in the footer of the email.

Review solicitation

Review solicitation is a post purchase email campaign, which is sent to encourage customer to post reviews about their products, they have bought. This is considered as one of the best methods to obtain reviews, build brand loyalty, and get customers back to your site. Such email should include few images, less text, and little promotional content. To encourage customers to post a review, you can also offer an incentive. For example, people who posts a review will stand a chance to win $100 gift coupon. These emails can also be sent to those who have not yet subscribed to your mails and do not use promotional content in transactional emails. Instead, include a link asking to ‘sign up for the newsletter’.

Quick Tip: Do not include customers who have returned the product and have active unsolved complaints.

Replenishment program

It stands for anything, which is to be replaced over the period of time. This is the moment when the customer will fall short of some items and the moment they are planning to repurchase that item. For instance perfumes, deodorants, contact lenses etc.


This program targets those who haven’t made any purchase in the recent time. This can be a single email or set of emails motivating them to make purchases. This method becomes quite simple to apply when the data of last purchase is available in your database. You just need to automate the trigger that XX days are left after you made a purchase.

This can further be divided into two segments: active and inactive subscribers.

  • Subscribers who have not made a purchase in the last XX days, but have clicked on your email in during last 30 days.
  • Subscribers who have not made your email nor opened in last 30 days.

These are few easy yet successful methods to use to target the customers who are at the retention stage of customer life cycle.