Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

In of the earlier post, you read about some of the do’s of email marketing. Today, you will come across major mistakes committed by marketers in an email marketing campaign. There is always a right way and a wrong way of doing things, but why do marketers often end up doing it in the wrong way? Do they like it? Or Mistakes in email marketing happen because of not-so good decision?  Hopefully, after reading the post, you will not commit these mistakes in your email marketing campaign.1



Never send an email without a subject line

Email without a subject line is as good as not sending an email to the customer. A majority of the messages is opened based on the subject line.  Only if the customer finds the subject line interesting and worthwhile, the message is read. A subject line increases the open and click-through rate of an email marketing campaign. Therefore, create a catchy, short and interesting subject line for all your email communication. Your subject line should force the customers to open the email and take the relevant action.

Never abuse the customers

Violating the expectations, which were specified in the SignUp process is a great way of losing customers. You should not mail the customers every day because it will irritate them to no extent. Additionally, try not to send an email only when you want something from the people. If you do so, the customers will slowly lose interest in your marketing campaign and will prefer to filter the mailing address as spam instead of reading the email communication.

Never overcrowd the message

A plain and simple email will attract the attention of the customer because they will able to read the text easily. Therefore, try not to send an overcrowded mail, which is full of texts and images. It creates a confusion in the minds of the readers and the layout of the message is completely destroyed. If the message is too long, you can include a link to your blog wherein the customer will find all the relevant information.