Dealing Holiday Stress With Email Marketing

The time of the year when the shopping is at its peak is round the corner and email marketers around the world are inspiring the customers to buy their product or avail their services. The stress of being successful and frustration during the holiday season can easily hamper the growth of your company affecting the email marketing campaign. One of the biggest anxiety a customer face is choosing the appropriate gift in minimal time for their loved ones. And, there is no better source than email marketing because it can help reduce the tension. As a marketer, you can suggest gift ideas to the customers based upon their purchase history and interest.


Personalized Emails

Personalized emails suggesting or recommending a gift are loved by customers because their time is saved in searching the perfect gift. Additionally, with the ever changing fashion and trends, a customer might find it difficult to come up with the trending gift. Your email will definitely help the customer and counter the holiday anxiety to a great extent. Focus on the frequency of emails being sent during the holiday season because a customer will be receiving a plethora of such emails. When the holiday season is one week away send the newsletter or personalized email every second day and if the holiday season is 3-4 week away, send weekly messages to the customers. This will serve as a reminder and the customer is likely to take an action on the email.

Offer discounts

Holiday is a time when maximum spending is done to get into the full holiday mood. You need to think about customers who are low on budget during the holiday season. Offer discounts and promotional codes to such customers. Customers are sure to appreciate this effort and take the necessary action. People are usually concerned about budget, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, you can even offer cashback schemes as apart from finding the best deal in town, the customer will receive a portion of the money back.

Leverage the power of email marketing to reduce stress and let the customers enjoy the holiday shopping!