Creating Urgency in Email Marketing

Unless you are able to instigate a sense of urgency, you will rarely convert subscribers to real customers. Customers will simply read your messages and never take the appropriate action, if your emails do not appeal to their taste. Creating urgency in the marketing message is not just a marketing tactic, is a physiological fact. Many marketers are clueless about creating urgency in their email marketing campaign. You simply need to play with words and get the clock ticking really fast. Urgent situations forces the human brain to take decision instantly, which can turn out to be extremely useful for email marketing. Here are a few ways to ensure you control the instant reaction of the human mind.


Fix a deadline

One of the coolest ways to get the brain running is setting a deadline for the freebie or tickets to any concert or event, you will definitely be converting more subscribers to real time customers by fixing a deadline. Your email copy should pique the interest of the reader to take immediate action. For example, you can offer the readers a 10% or 15% discount for purchasing within an hour of sending the email message. Send reminder messages on the day of the deadline to attract more customers to the brand. However, remember never to stretch the deadline too long as the offer loses its importance. A week long deadline is good enough to acquire a loyal customer base.

Offer something rare or scarce

Offering something, which is not easily available at throwaway prices is another great way to trouble the human brain. Limited edition items can easily become a rage with your audience and your call-to-action statistics will automatically increase. People love collecting and possessing unique and scarce items. Send messages such as ‘We only have 5 left in stock’ and ‘Act now, before the stock is over’. Keep the interest of the target audience before offering scarce items.

As you craft your email marketing campaign, ensure to reread it and change the wordings to create a sense of urgency.