Combining Email Marketing With Blogging

Blogging and email marketing will go hand-in-hand, and if you consider your email marketing as pizza, blogging will work as the overloaded cheese. The pizza will taste good without the cheese, but will not satisfy pizza lovers. The combination of email marketing and blogging will be fruitful because your blog is the best way to reach out to millions of online readers and email marketing lets you connect with the customer at a personal level. You can easily establish your authority and build trust at a personal level with the customers. You simply have to ensure that the blog is working together with the email marketing campaign. The link to the blogs can be sent to the mailing list.


Use your blog post to engage customers

Combining your blog content with the email marketing campaign is a great way to urge people to open their emails. Every time you publish a new post, you can trigger an email broadcast to the mailing list to drive traffic to the blog. However, never send the link alone, the link should always be accompanied by a teaser about the blog post. You can even ask the customer to join the conversation on the blog. You can even send weekly or monthly newsletters containing the links to the best of the blog posts you have published. Remember to share the content with the customers at regular intervals to ensure customer engagement.

Take Full Advantage of Social Media

You can even use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to further share your blog content with the customers. Ensure that you are capable of driving traffic to the blog and build an email list. The mailing list will help you increase the user base and engage customers for a long time. Social media networking can be a huge asset to your mailing list and the blog. It will help you leverage the effectiveness of email marketing and social media as well.

Combining email marketing with your blog is not a complicated task. You need to follow a strategy to achieve the marketing goal.