Combining Blogging with Email Marketing

Your blog is the best avenue for creating authority online and getting the desired attention on the search engines. But, what about the traffic you generate on your blog? It will be restricted to your website alone and you can never reap benefits from it. However, if you can somehow drive your blog traffic to your email marketing campaign, the results will be outstanding. Email communication helps you connect at a more personal level and build your trust with the audience. You can effectively communicate with the readers without worrying about spam complaints and un-subscription rate. Here are a few ways of combining blogging with email marketing campaign to reach your audience.


Make the blog your cookies

When sharing content with your audience, remember the following options. Use RSS campaign functionality to push your content or blog posts to your readers. You only need to set the RSS campaign and you can publish content as when you want. Additionally, every time you publish a message, send a one line teaser to your target audience. Teasers will pique the interest of the audience and they are more likely to read your blogs. Achieving success in email marketing through blog posts is easy, you need to hit the right nail to reap maximum benefits.

Focus on the footer

Add opt-in offer in your footer to entice the readers to take some action in your email marketing. Send premium content to readers who are loyal and interested. The footer of your blog post is a great place to build relationships and help readers with informative information. You need to prompt your readers to sign-up for the newsletter if you truly want to build a long term relationship.

Introduce yourself

Right before you launch a new product, you can send a well-positioned content related to your product. It is a good move, especially if you are not communicating with your marketing list for a long time.

Driving traffic to your blog post is not easy, you should leverage the effectiveness of your blogging platform to reap benefits of your email marketing campaign.