Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

Today email marketing is the leading choice of a plethora of marketers because of its cost-effectiveness and reliability. Email marketing is not dead and it can never die because it reaches to an audience to which social media or any other form of marketing cannot reach. Therefore, if you select an email service provider, you can easily send emails to intended customer successfully. Not only this, the ESP will also assist your business run smoothly. And, selecting an ESP is a major task because if the ESP goes wrong then it will become difficult to manage the campaign.


Here are two features to look out for before selecting an email service provider.

 1. Feature

Features should form the backbone of selecting the ESP because based on the features, the success of the email marketing will be dependent heavily. Select a range of such providers and compare the features provided by the different provider. The service provider which offers the most interesting feature suiting your business needs. For starting, selecting the basic option is a wise option and you can change the plan once you start understanding the business. Never look at the pile of features that are offered, select the one which best suits the marketing campaign. For example, if you are regularly sending newsletters to the customer, then select an ESP, which offers a wide range of templates to give the newsletter a professional look. Additionally, you can select a provider offering social media integration as well. In this way, the work will be simplified and content will reach out to a larger audience base.

2. Fees

Cost is behind the minds of everyone and an ESP who charges extra without giving the additional features is of no use as later on the ROI of the campaign and reduce if excessive cost is charged. A number of providers offer free trials and other free services. A free service will enable you get accustomed to the ESP. You can even carry out a comparison shopping to shop for the best ESP available in the market.