Challenges of Email Marketing

The main goal of every email marketer is to send messages that people will love. When people receive emails that are useful, digital marketers are able to collect leads and drive sales. According to a survey, email marketing is expected to remain at the top priority for companies in 2016. Companies today are planning to spend more on email production and creating newsletters because it will result in higher conversion and higher sales. Companies are focusing on mobile based campaigns because the mobile open rates are at an all-time high and will continue to grow. However, when creating your email marketing campaign, you are likely to face the following challenges.


Knowing your customers

We live in an era where you have enough information about your customers, but you are incapable of leveraging the data for your email marketing campaign. Most of the marketers get lost in the avalanche of information available and end up gaining no useful information about the target audience. You need to sort the right customer information and store for future use. Sort the customers using their demographic information and purchase information. Keep a track of what the customer last purchased and when the customer last made a purchase. These data will help you cater better to the needs and requirement of your readers.

Leverage the data available

Just possessing data is not enough, you need to turn the data into actionable and intelligent emails, which will be loved by your readers. Design great newsletters with an attention grabbing headline and extremely relevant content. Use the date you have collected to personalize the messages and newsletters that will be loved by your readers. Remember to place the lucrative offer at the top of your message for the readers to see it and take the desired action. Additionally, remember not to clutter the email messages with unnecessary white spaces as it destroys the aesthetic of the newsletter.

Email marketing is here to stay and marketers need to leverage the effectiveness of this marketing platform to reap maximum benefits. It’s time email marketers to focus on what is really important.