Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Despite marketers predicting that email marketing is long dead, email still remains one of the most incredible method of communication and marketing tool. An email marketing campaign can make more money than any other form of marketing available in a short duration of time. Building a successful email marketing campaign will result in loyal customers and you will save money being spent on social media and content marketing. Customers today are looking for email communication, delivering and adding value to their life. Therefore, sending meaningless and extra-long messages will only force the customer to filter the message as spam. Here are a few useful tactics to build a successful marketing campaign.


Test different variations

Testing different variations of the subject line and time of sending the message of the same email topic will help you understand the requirement of your user base. Testing small variations of the same email message will help you generate useful marketing insights, which can be used to deliver value to the intended target audience. You need to understand that every subject line is not a winner nor is every email message. Many a times even a small punctuation mark can lead to huge variation in the marketing results. Work on creating subject lines, which will get an automatic response from the intended target audience.

Get personal

Customers like receiving personalized email messages, but if you get creepy, you will lose out on the potential customers. According to a survey, only 5% of companies use email personalization extensively. The figure is shockingly low and this where most business owners fail. It is extremely essential to personalize a greeting and deliver messages, which are easy to read and grasp. Moreover, a study revealed that personalizing promotional email messages generated six times higher revenue than the non-personalized email communication. Before, you can succeed in personalizing your email communication, you need to conduct in-depth customer survey. Consider rewarding loyal customers with heavy discounts as it will attract them to make purchases in the future.

Have more than one pair of eyes to review your email messages as the chances of committing a mistake becomes extremely low.